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Types of Proceedings We Handle

In addition to their employment work, our attorneys have litigated claims arising in a variety of areas, including construction, contract and commercial areas of the law. Our attorneys have appeared in the United States Supreme Court, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals and the Virginia Supreme Court and obtained excellent results for our clients in these forums.


  • We have a strong motions practice with which we have had great success in dismissing unwarranted claims and limiting issues for trial, and we are experienced with presenting our cases in a manner that is persuasive to both judges and juries.


  • We will fight for your rights in court! We routinely take on large private companies or government agencies.  In a recent federal court victory for our client against the United States Navy, the judge noted that we “vigorously litigated” our case against two employers, a large government agency and a private contractor.
  • The firm routinely acts as local counsel in civil litigation for out-of-state attorneys seeking attorneys with experience with the local rules, customs and law. Procedures and court rules vary from court to court, and our attorneys are familiar and experienced with the rules, procedures and guidelines set forth by the local courts.
  • Our office is directly across from the federal court house. Our attorneys have excellent relationships with the judge and clerks.

In order to file a lawsuit on many types of claims, you are required to first file a charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Our attorneys are experienced with the EEOC process and have developed relationships with the investigators and management in the EEOC.  Our office is located within walking distance of the local Norfolk office of the EEOC.


  • Some of the information you provide to the EEOC in defense of a charge will be provided to the charging party and may be used against you in a subsequent lawsuit. Our attorneys are knowledgeable about the EEOC procedures and the legal elements of employment claims and can strategize to present the best defense for your business.


  • What you include in your charge is very important because your lawsuit is generally limited to what you alleged in your charge. We can help draft the EEOC charge, attach the appropriate documentation, and assist with navigating this administrative process.

Our attorneys have participated in many arbitrations that have focused on employment, investment litigation including churning, and construction issues. This forum often obtains faster resolutions utilizing decision makers knowledgeable about the field.

Ms. Sullivan is trained as a certified mediator and has provided services in this role that have led to creative and productive negotiations, leading to resolutions that could not have been obtained in court. Ms. Sullivan has also served as an advocate in numerous mediations for employees and employers in administratively required forums, such as at the E.E.O.C. or court ordered settlement conferences. Her skills as a problem solver with creativity have brought many difficult cases to a quick and effective resolution.

Our attorneys are trained on the proper methods for conducting an effective internal investigation, from conducting witness interviews to preparing the investigative report. Our attorneys are skilled at making employees feel comfortable and forthcoming and have the expertise to recommend action to prevent litigation.

Ms. Sullivan has served as a Supreme Court hearing officer for many years. Our attorneys have experience navigating the grievance process and can assist employees with filing a grievance and employers with defending against a grievance.


  • If you have recently terminated an employee for misconduct who is now attempting to get unemployment benefits from you, we can help. Our attorneys are knowledgeable of the case law and statutory regulations that govern disqualification for unemployment benefits and are experienced with handling unemployment hearings at all levels.


  • If you have been unexpectedly and wrongfully terminated, we understand the importance of unemployment benefits while you search for new employment. Our attorneys can help you gather the documentation and witnesses you need to obtain benefits, and we can represent you in the unemployment hearing.

Our attorneys have well-developed relationships with attorneys in the area and are skilled at crafting creative solutions to reach a resolution outside of litigation. We are experienced in evaluating the strength of a claim to determine whether an employee should expend the legal fees to assert a demand and whether an employer should offer a settlement.

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