Our attorneys are experienced in both drafting employment agreements, as well as asserting and defending against breaches of these contracts.

Employment Contracts

Our attorneys are experienced in drafting employment agreements specific to an employer’s industry and workplace to set expectations, eliminate misunderstandings, manage and limit risks and comply with the law.

Noncompete and Nonsolicitation Agreements

Before you draft or agree to a noncompete or non-solicitation provision, which could affect your business or your ability to find other work, contact our attorneys for their assistance to protect your interests.

Severance Agreements

Severance agreements have implications for future lawsuits, unemployment benefits, confidentiality, noncompete and nonsolicitation, as well as tax implications for the treatment of the severance payout. Before you sign a severance agreement, let our attorneys use our knowledge and experience to protect your interests.

Confidentiality Agreements

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